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22 November 2013 @ 02:51 am
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12 January 2013 @ 10:33 pm

[34] Yoona
[29] Yuri
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03 January 2013 @ 09:48 am
31 Jessica I Got a Boy Icons


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I'm not quite sure how I feel about the photoshoot, tbh. I do like the concept in some pictures, but I think I accidentally made her look like a crazy zombie in others. (There one in particular I feel that way about at least). I do think I will be doing all the girls. It depends on how stressed that I get with life. I'd say Yuri and Yoona for sue will follow though.
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01 January 2013 @ 09:08 am
....or really Happy "I Got A Boy" day.

So, I actually.................. like it?

Yes, I really do.

I keep reading how people are saying that it is the worse thing that they have ever hear and I get it, because that that was reaction to "The Boys" and still is to this day. That song almost made me literally give up on SNSD and Kpop in general. It made me not want to go SMtown. And, I couldn't feel any type of excitement about it until today.

So yes, I like it. I like it a lot. I love the colors the personality, the dance, how excited the girls are (even Taeyeon was getting down and that takes effort on SME part), how much energy it has. An SME song hasn't had this much energy since....I'm not sure, actually. Maybe Mr.Simple. (By energy, I kind of mean joy and happiness. I've liked songs like that, but they kind of been heavy and weighted down). Plus it is an SNSD song. For all those f(x), 2NE1, Hyuna, etc comparisons, this song really does have a Girls Generation signature on it. Nobody could do this song like they did .

I remember someone asking on Omona, how they think singers would feel when they got to sing "bad" song like this? Well, I can honestly say that I would be thrilled to sing this song. Its so fun and the idea of getting to show off different styles at once is awesome. Also, the choreography potential. The dancer in me loves when there is like 5 songs in one. To this day, I want to choreography something to BEP "I got a feeling" just becuase there is like three songs in there (this is true for many BEP songs actually). I think as a perform, those hook songs that kpop loved for the longest time my guess would have been the worse. There is no vocal freedom or personality and nowhere to go with choreography. So I like this trend.

That is not to say the song is flawless. I actually think that it does go together, but it definitely could have used smoother transitions. Having Jessica or Tiffany speak is not a transition. Speaking of Tiffany, the biggest flaw was too much Tiffany. I don't hate the girl or anything, but, I don't know, she is not good in large doses.  I'm also not usually one for saying it should have more, but I do agree that more Hyoyeon would have been nice....hey I could solve two problems at once, give Hyo some of Tiffany "rapping/transition lines" and that would have helped. Greatly. Also would have preferred Seohyun singing at the "ballad " part. Finally the middle part could have been pitch down a bit. The cutesy high pitch singing wasn't necessary.

In the end, I really appreciated that they tried something new and different. The execution could still use some work, but you damn well better believe this will be on repeat for me. I love it and really don't care what you might think

Now I need to listen to the rest of the album..

and no, I didn't actually get a boy. I wish I did. typing that first part was like painful.
29 August 2012 @ 09:31 pm
I haven't post icons in forever for many reasons, most of them personal. But mainly becuase there hasn't been that many inspiring Girls' Generation photos or performances as well. Luckily Yuri and Jessica had stunning back to back photoshoots. Jessica will hopefully be coming soon, but Yuri is here now.


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Please credit and say thanks if you take. I'd be more specific, but I know it doesn't make much of a difference. Of course, thanks to everyone that does credit. You guys are all great.

Note: You might have to change the name to png for livejournal not to crop it. I'm not sure why it allows them in as png/tiff, but not jpg. I'd already uploaded this when I found it out though. I suppose if you have a particular one, I could switch it for you.
01 February 2012 @ 10:27 pm
I made these about two weeks ago and, well, decided not to post them since "The Boys" promo was done and I doubted anyone want them. However, given this week events, I decided it was perfect timing. (The Letterman performance was the first time that truly enjoyed "The Boys;" -outside the times that I got to see them live. SNSD like less than 5 feet in front of me? They could sang the ABC and I would have loved it. lol- I still don't think that they have a chance, but at least they girls look like their having fun.)

200 in total


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Please say thanks and credit. Easy as that.
I think the total is somewhere around 220.

I'm not happy with them. Every time I do icons, I'm like "this is going to be my best set" and then by the end, I think they turn out to be the worse.

These were particular a pain to do, becuase the photos just weren't taken in good light to begin with and had been heavily shopped. The Beach ones are probably the best. This is something that has bothered me about their last two photobooks (though these pictures may be my favorite. They're so group centric ♥ )

I still hope that you guys enjoy them.

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Party Party PartyCollapse )

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Please say thanks and credit. Wish I could say more to convince people to do so, but I can't. Otherwise, enjoy and have a great new year.
27 October 2011 @ 02:20 pm

It was amazing you guys. I was literally feet away from them. You can see right here: 


I'll be honest and admit that I didn't take the fan cam. I didn't even think about it. It didn't even occur to me. When they came out, all I could do was stare like an idiot with my mouth open. They were right there. Like right there, life size as if they had just walked out of the tv screen to perform in stage. I couldn't believe it. Its so hard to describe. Seriously, I expect them to you know be small like in a youtube video or far away or something, but they were RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT THERE. Seriously RIGHT THERE. The curtain just opened and they were right there.  They could reach out and touch me. It was just, beyond amazing. I still barely believe it.

Sorry for all the spazzing, it was just, wow. Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri & Sunny all waved at me. Sooyoung and Sunny made hearts my direction. It was like a dream come true. I mean, so many Korean fans probably would have loved to be where I was. Its really rare I think. JUST AMAZING.

The credit for the fancam goes to Cathy ( [info]celestic_blue), but we were standing right next to each other. It is my view point. I did take some pictures, which you can see below, but they are blurry, becuase they told us no flash . (Later I turned it on after I realized everyone else had)

really long review, but there no short way to say itCollapse )

Most of them are just of the girls sitting. Basically I only took pictures when the MC was talking (which was pretty much the only good thing about her, becuase she was so annoying and embarrassing). I was too engrossed in the girls when they were doing things to remember I had a camera. Mind you, they were taken by a 6 year old point and shoot camera, so they're not that great of quality. I did watermark them, not becuase I think that anyone will be jealous of them (better ones will probably be posted), but just because they are MINE. I didn't resize them either,

Perfomance pictures aren't tagged becuase they are mess. I hadn't turned on my flash yet. -they said no flashes, but no one listened- still, its proof I was there.

24 October 2011 @ 10:59 pm
k. I'm still in New York right now, so I can't post pictures (look for them weds), BUT IT WAS AMAZING.

My seats for the concert were really good. We were a bit far back, but we could still see faces and everything. Yuhno pointed right at me when he was flying across (he was pointing at people that had red light sticks and nobody else near me had one.) and Kyuhyun and Yuri BOTH WAVED AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here a short run down:
They are the ones that opened the concert, Amber was clearly the fan favorite and I think I was the only one yelling for Krystal. They did a really good job. Luna was so bubbly throughout and Amber has so much charisma. It just oozes for of her and she was clearly enjoying the crowds energy. Though my favorite performances with them was Krystal duets with Jessica and Key (Tik Tok and My First Kiss). She really good at the solo thing. i felt bad for Victoria because like nobody cheered for her. :((((((

He did a really good job. We were kind of not looking forward to this, becuase it Kangta and they could have like brought the Trax instead, but by the end I was cheering my head off for him. I'm not a ballad fan, but he really worked the first one. Than him and Sulli did this cute duet where they kept pulling microphones out of everything. It was adorable. ♥ Breaka Shaka also really pumped me up. You could tell that he loved being on the stage every single second for the night.

MUCH better than I expect. I was seriously up and dancing to every single time that they were on. Jonghyun and Minho were so so so so into it. I seriously spazzed at Jonghyun even though I'm that into SHINee and kept taking pictures of him and cheering loudly. AMIGO had to be my favorite performance, even though I think I've heard that song like, twice, before that. It was the head banging, I think. Also Key is another great performer. He not my favorite at all, but he really brought it to the stage. Onew too. Taemin looked a bit out of it from my side, but that might be becuase 90% of what I saw was his back.

Can I just say Ay-Yo was freaking hot right here and now. More on that later.

Girls' Generation
When they first came out, I was like waving my pink light stick like crazy while smilingly stupidly. It was like I forgot to cheer or something. Then I just started singing along. [Actually there was a girl in the audience that keep trying to get me to sit down, so we were dealing with that too.] They're intros though. So cute. Seohyun flubbed her line. That must be a first for her. You could tell she was a little flustered by that. I wish my biases said more, but they made up for that at the fan meet. They were so having fun though. Like kissing you, haha, way to go and oh, they were all dancing around. Lots of interaction with each other. Fany and Sunny seemed the most into interacting with the audience. They were like weaving all over the place.  Jessica was really smiley, like she couldn't seem to stop. She also had a thing for winking. Taeyeon was really into performing. Like you could tell she was giving her all to every line and move. Even the songs that she doesn't like, she was totally into.  Yuri was really working the crowds to, but differently than Sunny and Fany. She was more into doing cute things and letting people take pictures than waving. Same with Hyoyeon. She was really playful as well. But more like Yuri Sooyoung and Seohyun were really pretty and posed, but I don't really remember much fan service from them. Sooyoung was on the big screen though ALL THE TIME. She was always smiling and doing her thing.  Yoona was a little low key, still smiling everywhere, just not so much on a camera or center of attention, but more on that when I talk about the fan meet. Obviously the whole time I was at the concert, I felt like my Soshi dream had come to true, but the fan meet blow all of that out of the water.

side note: They were much less tiny then I expected. They were pretty normal sized girls. Well, ok, my defination of normal and the worlds defination of normal is probably different, but I could easily share clothes with them.  None of them looked straved or anything. Just every pretty.

Super Junior
Hands down, the BEST PERFORMERS OF THE NIGHT. If the rumors of Super Show in the US is true, I would SOOOOOO GO. Seriously, these guys worked the stage like no other. Seriously I was up singing and dancing like no other. The boys that get hated on for their attitudes were actually the best in show. Like every single moment that Eunhyuk was on the stage, I was instantly drawn to me. I think I have one too many pictures of him becuase of that. Leetuek and Shindong also really worked the fans. They were like always takign cameras and taking their picture on it. or picking things up and showing them. Kyuhyun and Yesung were also wonderful. Yesung really has an attitude about him. HE gives these deep looks and works every moment. Kyuhyun's voice is to DIE FOR. Seriously every time he opneed his mouth, my heart like skipped a beat. Ryeowook was all smily and wavy. Really cheerful and everything. Sungmin is still trying to sell his tough image and I'm still not buying. I was a bit surprised that in Donghae, becuase once I got the end of the concert, I was like, I don't remember anything about him except for in Bonamama and he one of favorites. He must have been on the other side.

OH and Henry and Zhoumi where there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so worried they wouldn't be, but they were and they got the loudest cheers out of all Super Junior by far. This was even before they introduced themself, they just came on stage and the entire audience went while. Henry mouth actually dropped adn he was like "wow" and Zhoumi had the biggest grin ever planted on his face, so you can tell that they are not used to that at ALL! After that, like all over Super Junior was trying to out do the noise in their introduction, because they all made us screen. Kyuhyun's english is so cute ♥ [They all spoke a bit of english, but I particular love his]. Henry and Zhoumi only got to do Prefection and Don't Don though, so it was down.

Odd note" There was a random guy on the drums during Don't Don instead Siwon and he was like dressed in a ratty tshrt and jeans. They couldn't find somethng a little more presentable.

First I'll say that she was adoreable. Like no questions about it. She came out and said the darnest things, like, "I never noticed that my shorts were this short." Her english is really really really good to. Like she didn't speak a word of Korean and it was very apparent that it was scripted at all. Her performances on the other hand were a tiny tiny tinny bit of a let down. She owned the stage wither her dancing, but let the backtrack take over half the song. I really wished that she had sung more. still people were really rude by like not cheering for her that much or leaving when she was on. It was sad, because you could tell she knew the other artist were getting more cheers and she was really trying to put her all into it.

They had very few songs and Changmin's hair looked like a poodle, but still they did an AWESOME job. The cutest part of their thing was teh introduction. Yuhno attempted to speak english (he said something like, "everyone fun tonght") but made himself confused, so he ended up switching over to korea. Changmin on the other hand suprised us. First when he tried to speak, everyoen cheered, so he "shh" us until we shut up and then he started to speak in English. Lots of English. It was like "Thank you forall your lo-ve and su--por-t," but it was clear that he had worked super hard on it it. For me it was really the highlight, becuase I'm not really a tohoshinki fan, I just like the boys. But I was really glad that they played three songs that I loved. 

I'm tired, so I'll cover the fan meet next time. BUT OMG IT WAS AMAZING. I was front row. Seriously!!!!!! They were so close.
05 October 2011 @ 08:54 pm
Something to help pass the time while waiting for it actually be released. I tried very hard to make it look like like they actually came from the same photoshoot. I think I did ok, except for Taeyeon's [and kind of Yuri's]. There was really no helping that one. 5 each girl. 45 told.


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